OK – so we had a really interesting concept with the UK Imagine Cup this year – we brought five leading UK charities on-board to help our students identify real-world problems that, well, that shouldn’t be problems really. 

And now, while the judges are deliberating the Round 1 submissions, we’ve got two problems to address:

1. How do we get eyeballs on the other global technology competitions that are still open?

2. How do we keep momentum up with our charity partners? We’re planning to keep the project briefs they created open for the 2011 Imagine Cup, or until they’re solved :)

And of course, I need a way of thanking the charities who’ve worked with us this far.

So here’s the deal - for every student that registers for the UK competition, between now and 31st March 2010, we’ll donate one pound to our charity partners. No, not the one below, that would be silly*


In return, registrants get to learn more about the other Imagine Cup competitions that are running, such as:

So what are you waiting for – click here to register and donate now!


* Valid for the first 3000 registrations only. All funds will be divided equally between the five UK Charity partners.