Today I had a really enjoyable time presenting at the Microsoft Online Cloud Conference. A number of attendees have been in touch to ask for the slides. Confused as to why they were so popular I asked - they were mostly just pictures and not text – people seemed to like the images.

This was very flattering as I’d spent hours and hours hand-drawing and scanning in these images the night before to create what I hoped was a visually appealing presentation (primarily because the demos were going to be visually very unappealing!).

Here’s a few examples:

Web Role


Worker Role


Blob Storage


SQL Azure


I’ve created a zip containing all the original images. Feel free to use them in your own presentations and diagrams. However, all I’d ask for in return is a mention or maybe even a link to this blog post: Thanks!


To everybody who attended – thanks, I hope you enjoyed it!

Originally posted by Josh Twist on 8th October 2010 here: