Between October and December 2009, Microsoft will release various software updates, depending on when tax authorities in each country/region make their requirements publicly available, to help customers comply with the new regulations.  One update is already included in Hotfix Rollup 3 for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 SP1 (KB974409) and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 RTM (KB974407) and is available as a hotfix for Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2.  You must install this update before installing subsequent VAT 2010 updates.

The VAT Package introduces changes in the following key areas:

  • Place of supply rules for services.
  • EU sales list reporting obligations.
  • VAT refund procedures.
  • Introduction of a one-stop shop approach to VAT reporting.

These software updates will be made available for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2.

Detailed information is available in a whitepaper (already posted to the blog) which you can find on PartnerSource and CustomerSource.

Posted By Fee Nolan