On February 8, we released the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2 Solution Demo Package V1.5 to incorporate major BI content update per our field and partners’ request, and now available for

You can download the VM package from the PartnerSource page.

In this release, we have made enhancement in the demo content for the following major areas. Please refer to the attached release documents for more information.

Enhancement BI demo capabilities, including PowerView and improved role centers:

  • CFO role center
  • Sales manager role center and sales dashboard

Public Sector

  • Budget manager
  • Finance director


  • Merchandizing manager
  • Store manager

VM Improvements based on the initial feedback about V1, e.g. AX Help Server, Enterprise Search, and Project Server integration and etc.

If you have any feedback and question, please send an email to ax2012demovm@microsoft.com.

Thank you!