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April, 2011

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    CRM 4.0 Client Upgrade To CRM 2011

    Left Outside Alone… Following on from my previous post Outlook 2003 Client Features , I was asked about the CRM 4.0 Client for Outlook and how this works with CRM 2011 Server. As you may know, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 for Outlook with Update...
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    CRM Online Cashback Offer

    Two Steps Behind… I’m not sure how I missed this first time around, but we have a special offer for CRM Online running at the moment. Not only do we have an introductory price of £22.75 per user, per month (available until June 31st...
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM UK Blog

    Outlook 2003 Client Features

    Tiger Feet… A couple of weeks ago, one of my CRM 2011 prospects asked for details about which features are/aren’t available when using older versions of desktop software. Like many large enterprises their standard desktop is based on Windows...
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