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December, 2011

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    Hi everyone! My name is Marco Amoedo and I am the new CRM Partner Technology Advisor in the UK. My role as part of the UK Dynamics Team is to evangelise and ensure the technical enablement of Microsoft Dynamics CRM partners. My colleague Simon has invited...
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    CRM Online Invoice Payment Option

    Who Stole The Soul… With the move to the new Microsoft Online Portal (MOP) administration, billing and provisioning platform, purchasing CRM Online (and Office 365) services has become much easier. We still have the same three payment options...
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    CRM Online Bulk User Management

    I Ain’t Mad At All… In my previous post I talked about CRM Online moving to the same administration, billing and provisioning platform used by Office 365. One of the many benefits is the ability for administrators to manage user accounts...
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    CRM Online Now Live On OSDP

    Aintnuttin Buttersong… Earlier this year we announced that Microsoft Dynamics CRM online would move from the CTP (Commerce Transaction Platform) administration, billing & provisioning platform to OSDP (Online Services Delivery Platform)...
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    Plug-Ins For Calculated Fields

    Boom, Shake The Room… It has been all go here in the UK CRM Enterprise Sales team, so I haven’t had any time to post regularly. Today, one of my Banking solutions partners called me for some help with one of their deals. They have an important...
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