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  • Blog Post: CRM “5” Workflow On Channel 9

    Right By Your Side… For those of you who like nothing more than diving into Visual Studio and writing custom workflow activities for CRM, you will enjoy this 25 minute video, which was posted to our Channel 9 developer site a couple of weeks ago. Steve Kaplan (Programme Manager), Gonzalo Ruiz (Developer...
  • Blog Post: E-mail To Case Using Workflow - Update

    Voodoo Chile... Having implemented the workflow described by Jagan here to take an incoming e-mail and convert it automatically to a case, it became clear that some custom code would be need to solve the following problems: Using the workflow designer you cannot map the "from" field of an "email...
  • Blog Post: Creating SharePoint Sites With CRM Workflow

    Can I Play With Madness... Now that I have a custom site definition that incorporates a minimal master page my next task was to automate the site creation process. I decided to build a custom workflow activity rather than a plug-in as this give me a high degree of flexibility in choosing how and when...
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