November, 2008

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About UK Microsoft Dynamics Support Team Blog

Welcome to the blog from the Microsoft Dynamics UK Support Team.  Firstly I'd just like to do a basic introduction of who and what we are, and then I'd like to explain what we are hoping to achieve with this blog.  And also what we will not be doing.

Within the Dynamics Support business we have about 150 people spread across over 20 countries in EMEA who provide support to our EMEA Partners and Customers on the Microsoft Dynamics products.  I'm won't bore you with in depth details as with an organisation of this size the specific people/locations etc are constantly changing as people move in and out and business needs alter.  Here in the UK we have 30 people spread across 5 teams.  4 Product focused (AX, CRM, GP & NAV) and 1 which is made up of TSAM's - who manage Partners that have purchased a PABS agreement, from a support point of view.  We also have a couple of people who support us in doing these roles.  These 5 teams are managed by 2 managers. Mike Priest who looks after AX and GP and myself, Paul Barnwell.  I currently look after CRM, NAV and the TSAM's.

So what are we trying to achieve with this blog? Especially when you consider how many blogs there are already out there.  Well many of the blogs are either quite person and/or product specific.  We intend to cover the 4 Dynamics products that we support within the UK.  To give a broader view of things and look at it from an overall support point of view.  Hopefully highlighting useful resources, systems and processes.  Also taking feedback from you the readers on what you want to hear, things you'd like to know about, see changed from a support point of view.  We will be writing from a UK point of view but much of this will be equally as appropriate to an EMEA or Global audience. There will be a group of people contributing to the blog so we will get diverse inputs. 

We will try not to duplicate content, though we will link to other blogs/sites etc. 

And on a final note we won't be answering individual Technical Support questions on this blog.  If you have such a question then please go ahead and log it as normal.  Sorry this is just not the right place to be doing that.  I hope you understand.


Paul Barnwell

Microsoft Dynamics UK Team Manager

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