Users often wonder how to compare XML customization files.
XML compare tools we can see are not specially targeted to compare our CRM XML Customization file.

We now have a special tool to do this which can be downloaded from


You can easily compare your customizations against the out of the box RTM Schema. 


It will show you easily:

- The changes attributes, entities

- The new attributes

- The attributes removed.
- The differences within FormXML



In order to get the tool, you need to do this:



1°) Download the EXE, unpack it.
2°) Inside the unzipped folders you’ll get a solution file (.SLN) double click on it, this will open the project in Visual Studio.

3°) Build the project.

4°) Go to %YouFolder%\microsoft.crm.isv.customizationcomparer.setup\Debug or Retail, there you will have SETUP.EXE.

5°) Run the setup, it will install the tool by default here: C:\Program Files\Microsoft CRM Tools\CRM Customization Comparison Utility

6°) Run CRM Customization Comparison Utility.exe from the above specified folder.



More info:


Kind regards,

Olga Beatty.