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Live Services – What’s New in Messenger?

Live Services – What’s New in Messenger?

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One of the biggest advantages of Live@edu is access to all of the Windows Live services with one Live ID. We recently released Windows Live Wave 3, making both the cloud based and desktop based worlds of Windows Live even better and easier than before.

One of the biggest changes with Wave 3 is a whole new Live Messenger experience. Not only does it look fresh and simple, it’s got a tonne of new features that make collaborating easier for your users both on and off campus. Most of your users have probably been using Windows Live Messenger for years (well, they’d have been using MSN Messenger back then!), but you might want to share with them some of these new features that make collaborative working easier than it’s ever been!

Check out the (slightly cheesy) video below for a walkthrough on what’s new in Messenger.

If you haven’t already, check out the new messenger (and other Wave 3 applications) at http://download.live.com.

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