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How did Brockenhurst do it?

How did Brockenhurst do it?

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In what seems to be a regular event, I want to share another customer story with you. This time it's Brockenhurst College - situated in the New Forrest, it has 3,000 sixth form students and 9,000 adult learners to provide a service for.

Since deploying Live@edu, Brockenhurst have seen is that student use of their email service has gone from almost none to over 70% of students using it with anytime, anywhere access. And the college and students benefit from the wider collaboration that has resulted from the service.

Robin Gadd, who’s the college Head of Information and Systems Development, put it bluntly:


Providing technology that reflects what students use socially increases their perception of the college as a modern educational institution. Endquotes

Click here to read the full case study, and see how Brockenhurst did it!

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