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Live@edu in Further Education

Live@edu in Further Education

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I spend a lot of time talking to customers about Live@edu - whether it's talking about deployment specifics or giving a migh higher level overview. This week I teamed up with our Further Education Business Manager, Amanda Bicknell, to try a new way of getting the message out. And so, on Tuesday 26th May, we hosted the first Whilstle-stop LiveMeeting for the Further Education sector.

We spent 15 minutes giving an overview of the service, and then fielded a huge number of questions from many of the 30 institutions - some existing customers, some new to the service - for the remainder of the hour-long LiveMeeting. One of the biggest bits of feedback we got was that people wanted to see a recording of the session. And so, here it is!

A 15 minute tour of Live@edu in Further Education

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