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Free Partner Webinar–Saving Money with Live@edu

Free Partner Webinar–Saving Money with Live@edu

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Microsoft Gold Partner Nviron Limited is hosting a free webinar to talk all about how to save money using Live@edu, at 1030am on:homeNav

  • 15th June 2011
  • 22nd June 2011
  • 29th June 2011.

This webinar is designed for Network Managers and IT Administrators in secondary schools, but anyone is welcome to join!

Nviron Limited has developed a set of services to enable schools to benefit from Live@edu. They can provide seamless integration into your network and train you on the tools supplied to manage and support the service. Register at their website and attend the FREE ‘Saving Money with Live@edu Webinar’ and all will be made clear!

More details and registration information can be found at http://www.msliveatedu.co.uk/.

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