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September, 2011

  • UK Education Cloud Blog

    PowerShell–THE best way to manage Live@edu

    All the leaves are brown… Ok, so maybe they’re still a little green. Either way the busy summer holidays are now over and the long march to Christmas begins. Naturally this means that network managers have nothing to do for 3 months, right? For those...
  • UK Education Cloud Blog

    Calendar Publishing in Live@edu

    So, you want to publish your calendar? In my last post I talked about how you could set up sharing free/busy information between two Live@edu environments but what about sharing your whole calendar with someone? When you click share in the calendar...
  • UK Education Cloud Blog

    Sharing Free/Busy across the cloud

    Are you free? More and more institutions are beginning to realise the importance of connected, collaborative working, and the value of enterprise email and deciding whether 1, or many tenancies is the right option can be tough. Sometimes, for very good...
  • UK Education Cloud Blog

    FREE Activation Webcast

    Missed this webcast? You can watch and listen again on demand! Session 1 – 14th September Session 2 – 27th September Back to school Some of you will already be back to school – others will be dreading looking forward to the start of term next week. Whatever...
  • UK Education Cloud Blog

    Dynamic Distribution Groups

    Mass Mail Dynamic distribution groups (DDGs) are a great way to manage groups in Live@edu, especially ones where the recipient list might change frequently or unpredictably. For example, you might want an “All Pupils” distribution group that sends a mail...
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