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How to integrate Live@edu into Moodle 2.0

How to integrate Live@edu into Moodle 2.0

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Moodlerooms, Inc., has developed an integration connecting Microsoft’s Live@edu services and Moodle, the world’s most widely-used Learning Management System. With this integration, Moodlerooms makes the rich functionality of Live@edu directly accessible within the Moodle 2.0 and 1.9 environments via single sign-on.

The plug-in for Moodle allows users to log into courses using their Windows Live ID; view and compose emails and calendar events, chat using Windows Live Messenger and search using Bing™ all from within a Moodle class site.

Microsoft’s Frank Chiappone talks about the new plugin.

You can download the free plugin directly from Moodle.org. Give it a go today!

Are you using Live@edu with Moodle?

Are you currently using the Live Services Plugin? How do you use use Live@edu with your Moodle environment? Let us know in the comments!

  • So what happens now with the move from Live@EDU to Office 365 - does authentication continue to work ????

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