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Top User Tips #3–Lync Online Web Scheduler

Top User Tips #3–Lync Online Web Scheduler

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Last week, in part 2 of our top user tips we looked at the social networking features of SharePoint Online. Today, in part 3 we’re going to look at how to schedule meetings using the Lync Online Web Scheduler.

Lync Web Scheduler is a web-based program that you can use to create Lync Meetings if you don’t have Microsoft Outlook, or are on an operating system not based on Windows. With Web Scheduler, you can create new meetings, change your existing meetings, and send invitations with your favourite email program.

You can access the Web Scheduler using your Office 365 Education credentials, and find out more about how to create the meetings on Office.com.

A handy tip for easy access is the simple URL http://sched.lync.com.

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