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  • Blog Post: Yammer available with academic plans beginning today!

    Great news, beginning today Yammer Enterprise will ship with all Office 365 A plans at no additional cost. The availability was announced yesterday in this blog post. Schools are facing increasing pressure to provide faculty, staff and students with the highly connected tools and information that both...
  • Blog Post: Event: Harnessing the power of Microsoft’s Office 365 Education to provide a better social learning environment

    On July 10th at our UK HQ in Thames Valley Park, Reading, Berks, we’ll be holding an event in conjunction with the University of West London to bring all interested parties together to showcase and discuss Office 365 Education, and how by harnessing its power institutions can provide a better social...
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #10–Blogging in SharePoint Online

    It’s time for our final post in the top user tips series, and today it’s all about blogging in SharePoint Online. You might also want to check out top tip #2 about social networking , and top tip #7 about following content in SharePoint Online as well. As a teacher or a student, blogging can help document...
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #7–Following Content in SharePoint Online

    Having looked at the new social networking features of SharePoint Online back in the 2nd edition of our top user tips it’s time to look at following sites that interest you, too. If you find a SharePoint Online site in your institution that you want to access again, you can follow it to keep it handy...
  • Blog Post: Top User Tips #2–SharePoint Online Social Networking

    In part 1 of our bite-size top user tips we looked at Offline Access . Today, in part 2, we look at SharePoint Online’s social networking features; in particular the ability to tag words and mention people. In SharePoint Online as part of Office 365 Education, the Newsfeed page in the My Site continues...
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