You may recall that the criteria for students purchasing the Ultimate Steal promotion was that they should have a email address, and a 1/2 course load. Although that made a lot of sense in some countries, in the UK we have a more complex model of Further and Higher Education than some, so we've worked on a new definition, which encompasses everybody that we think should be eligible.

In a nutshell, if you're a Further Education student, and have scheduled contact time for your course of 15 hours or more, then you qualify and you can order Office Ultimate 2007 at £38.95.

In the UK this promotion is open to both higher and further education students, although we want to ensure that it is individuals who spend the majority of their time on academic studies that use this offer, rather than individuals who are primarily full-time employees and study part-time (e.g. by attending a weekly evening class).  That's why the extra restriction exists. Hopefully this makes sense to you too!

The specific criteria, now on the website is: