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The Ultimate Steal is back

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The Ultimate Steal is back

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The moment you’ve been waiting for? Last year we ran a promotion called “The Ultimate Steal”, which offered a full copy of Office 2007 Ultimate Edition to students for £38.95. And, finally, it’s back!


In a nutshell, The Ultimate Steal is:

  • A time-limited offer available to your college students as long as they have a .ac.uk email address (ends at the end of June next summer)
  • For Office Ultimate 2007, which can cost up to £500 to buy the retail version, as a digital download, with the option to buy a backup on DVD for £9.95
  • Also available to your college staff too, if they have a .ac.uk email address

These days most students have a laptop or desktop computer, but they don’t always have the right software on it to help them with their studies. And our research said that they typically think that Office costs £100-£150 for a basic version. So instead of spending the money, many of them “borrow” a copy from a friend or parent.

We’ve always made lower cost Academic licences available, but very few students know about them, or how to buy them. So that’s why we run The Ultimate Steal – it’s a way of helping students buy the right software, at the right price.

Like last year, we're not going to spend lots of money advertising this - for one thing, it is only available to students with a .ac.uk email address, and so putting adverts all over the media isn't going to work. Most students found out about the offer from a friend, or from their college – many emailed their students to let them know about the offer, or put links up onto their intranets & VLEs

Buying on http://www.theultimatesteal.co.uk is easy – register with your student/staff email address, and then login and go.

Shortly, I’ll post up a standard email that you could use to let your students & staff know about the offer.

  • Can we see this being extended to sch.uk students as well? Secondary school 6th form is further education just as much as college.

  • Hi Mike

    Unfortunately, we had to draw the line somewhere, and we ended up drawing it at the point where students have a ".ac.uk" email address. We didn't feel that it would be fair to extend it out to students with a ".sch.uk" email address, when most school students don't have access to an email address like this (something like 25% of students in schools have access).

    So the preferred route for school students (and this includes Sixth Form students) is to go to one of our partners who offer Academic licences for all school students:




  • Hi,

    Last time this was not available for Mac Office, the reason being that Mac Office 2008 was released half-way through the Ultimate Steal offer. Is it going to be available this time?



  • Hi AndyRae

    We're hoping to include the Mac Office 2008 version during the course of the offer, but currently it isn't available as a download, so we can't yet. Looks like Jan 2009.

    Sounds like a long time, but there's only 99 shopping days to Christmas!


  • Hi Ray,

    Thanks for the update, its good news that it will be coming at all. I'll continue with 2004 until then, glad to see solver is available for 2008 now as I've been holding off anyway for that.

    99 shopping days 'til Christmas :-o, the supermarkets will soon have easter eggs in then...


  • My local supermarket already has mince pies in. And right below the label that says "Ideal for Christmas" it says "Use By Date: 1-Nov-2008".

    Wonder if they're last year's stock?

  • So, from the 10th October we can also buy Vista... Does the download burn a bootable DVD, otherwise it seems a bit like having the media for an extra £10 isn't really an option?!

  • Hi Bez,

    The date has changed since you commented, to 24th October (shame, but only slipped a fortnight, fortunately).

    I asked the team running the programme worldwide about the bootable DVD for Vista question, and the answer was:

    "The downloads are not an ISO. We have not seen any issues with the upgrade for those that download. Given the size of the downloads, it is worth having the media."

    To me that means - buy the DVD option when you buy the upgrade, otherwise you'll be waiting for your network to download zillions of gigabytes :-)


  • If you do opt for downloading Office 2007 Ultimate through this offer, how big would the download be? (For getting an idea of how long it would take)

  • Hi Richard,

    The download is up to 500MB - time is going to depend on your Internet connection. I'd recommend opting for the backup DVD too, because that way you have something to go back to if you need to re-install, or something happens to your laptop's hard disk


  • I found this (legit) website: http://www.software4students.co.uk/

    Buying Mac Office from it would be cheaper than (using the assumption that Mac Office would be priced the same as Windows Office) buying it through the ultimate steal.

  • Hi can I ask when I download this am I forced to install it there and then? I'm asking because I'll be using my University's open access PCs to download this then hopefully burn it to a DVD/or put on a memory stick so that I can install it on my laptop at home.

    Basically I don't want it to auto-install to the University PC.

  • Hi SMK,

    No, you download it, then install it. So it's fine to download onto one machine, then copy across to a (big!) memory stick/DVD. In fact, I'd recommend you do that anyway, so that you have a backup


  • Hi Ray, Just wanted to ask if you are allowed to install it onto more than one computer?  As I have my laptop in my halls but then I still use my computer at home when I go back.  Also, my laptop came pre-installed with a trial version of a basic 2007 Microsoft suite which I've already entered a product key for.  What would happen to this then if I downloaded the Ultimate Suite?


  • how many pc`s can i install this on with this licence?


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