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November, 2011

  • FE blog

    Consumerisation of IT in education: Be prepared…


    Consumerisation of IT in education hasn’t happened overnight, it has evolved over a period of time and is largely down to three things:

    · Choice – a greater variety of devices, form factors and operating systems

    · Cloud – many more services running in the cloud

    · Connectivity – we are connected most of the time, wherever we are

    As with all new IT Initiatives Consumerisation introduces a host of new acronyms. COIT (Consumerisation of IT), BYOC (Bring your own computer), BYOD (Bring your own device), BYOPC (I am sure you can guess this one) to name but a few.

    The move to support consumerisation is being discussed in many of our education institutions in the UK, many of whom are already embracing consumerisation and seeing the benefits.

    With a groundswell of passionate students, academics and admin staff looking to embrace the COIT, if you haven’t already had the conversation, be prepared…

    To help prepare for the consumerisation of IT in education, we have put together a short document that shares come of our thoughts and ideas around the concept of COIT. The full paper can be viewed below or downloaded from our SlideShare account.

    How are you embracing consumerisation of IT in education in your institution? We would love to hear your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.


  • FE blog

    Windows Azure Bootcamp - Powered by Tech.Days, Edinburgh 11th November 2011


    If you are a developer looking to take advantage of cloud computing, but you haven’t yet taken the plunge, this free day of training is the quickest way to get up-to-speed with Microsoft’s offering; Windows Azure. We’ll take you from knowing nothing about the cloud to actually having written some code, deployed it to the cloud service and made a simple application available on the public Internet. You’ll get all the information you need to get up to speed with Windows Azure in a packaged and compressed form, ready for your consumption, without having to trawl through books, blogs and articles on your own. There will be experienced people available to guide you through each exercise. Once you have the basics in place, you’ll be off and running.


    If this would be of interest to you, you can register your place here

  • FE blog

    Kinect Effect Infographic


    The education team are big fans of Kinect for XBOX 360, not just for gaming, but for its innovative uses across the education and health sectors, also.

    Building on the amazing Kinect Effect video that we showcased earlier this week on the blog, our colleagues in the XBOX team have just released an interesting infographic that charts the phenomenal growth that the Kinect has seen since its launch only a year ago. 

    We are obviously really proud of the Guinness World Record , but its the sparking innovation globally section I find particularly impressive. I can’t wait to see what the community can come up with in another year with this technology!

    Are you using Kinect within your institution? If so, we would love to hear your stories in the comments below.


  • FE blog

    Welcome to our Slideshare Account


    With a packed diary of events over the coming months and a series of eBooks soon to be launched, we thought it would be useful to set up a SlideShare account to help collate all the decks and other useful content we have for you in one place.

    The intention with the Slideshare account is to offer you a single location for you to access, download and share the content we are creating.

    As mentioned previously, we will be regularly sharing eBooks, whitepapers, presentation decks from events and videos that we hope you will find interesting and help make you more effective.

    Examples include the recent  Consumerisation of IT in Education paper we released, as shown below:

    If you have any ideas about how we can make this resource more useful and valuable for you, we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Any ideas of topics that you would like us to create eBooks or whitepapers around would also be greatly received.

    Your feedback is essential in helping to ensure that we are producing content and assets that are beneficial to you.

    Thanks in advance and happy Friday!


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