Since we launched our education Surface RT offer in the UK late last month, it has been amazing to see the enthusiasm the community has had towards how the device can help light up teaching and learning across the sector. Via social media, the UK Schools Blog and the Educationuk alias, we have had a wide range of engaging conversations about how a combination of Windows 8 and great hardware is really helping to meet institutions objectives around themes such as 1:1 computing, teacher tablets, Microsoft Office on touch devices, and more.

Keep the awesome stories and examples coming. We love hearing from you!


The downside of all this interest and energy around Surface RT is that we have been a little taken back with the level of demand and, as a result, we are working through a substantial backlog of enquiries that have come in over the last few weeks.

Our teams in the US and UK are rapidly working through these various enquiries, but this had resulted in a delay in both responding to some of your questions and also in actually shipping the devices, themselves. We apologise if you have yet to receive notifications from us regarding your order, or if your device took longer than expected to arrive. We are getting there.

With the current level of demand, we are looking at approximately 17 days lead-time, rather than the original 10 days. When you email your order to, providing there are not any complications with your order form, you should receive a shipping confirmation email with delivery date. Please take care when completing the form, as any mistakes on it will result in a delay to your order.

In the event that we need additional information for your order form, we will also be in touch and have put additional resources in place from today to ensure that we get back to you as soon as possible. Thanks you again for all your support and understanding and look forward to getting the devices out to everyone as soon as possible.

In the meantime, some of your queries could be addressed via the FAQ blog post we shared last week. Also, if you need a copy of the order form, this can be viewed/downloaded below.

Finally, if you have any questions, email us Alternatively, leave a comment below or connect via Twitter - @microsofteduk