Originally posted on UK Education Cloud Blog by James Marshall 

For me, Office 365 Education just keeps getting better and better. SkyDrive Pro, part of Office 365 Education Plan A21, is cloud storage for education, and is the place where students and teachers can store, sync, and share their files across multiple devices with ease and security. To date SkyDrive Pro has offered institutions 7GB of cloud storage per user but yesterday Mark Kashman and Tejas Mehta, senior product managers in the SharePoint team, announced that the SkyDrive pro storage increases making it even better for storing and sharing class work.

1Plan A2 is free for students, faculty and staff and includes Exchange Online Plan 1, Lync Online Plan 2, SharePoint Online Plan 1 and the Office Web Apps. You can sign up for free online!

Each user now gets 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage space

Let’s look at the headlines:

  • Each user now gets 25 GB of SkyDrive Pro storage space (up from 7 GB).
  • You can now increase users' SkyDrive Pro storage beyond the default 25 GB-up to 50 GB and 100 GB.
  • With the new Shared with Me view, you can easily find documents others have shared with you.

I think this is a great improvement for schools, colleges and universities who are using Office 365 Education as it means their students and teachers can keep more files in the cloud, accessible from everywhere, and the fact that an administrator can increase that quota up to 100GB for individuals means that even the most demanding users should still have enough storage to keep them happy for a long time.

Don’t forget that there are applications for SkyDrive Pro on a variety of platforms including Windows 8 and iOS that make it easier to access your files on the go.