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  • Blog Post: Online learning is better than face-to-face learning?

    The US Department of Education sponsored the Center for Technology in Learning to look into the effectiveness of online learning – and to specifically compare the effectiveness of using online learning compared to face to face learning. The results, published in May, are on the www.ed.gov website, for...
  • Blog Post: OneNote and Learning Styles

    Last year, I wrote about the booklet on OneNote and Learning Styles produced by Ole Lauridsen from the Aarhus School of Business, Denmark. Late last year, Ole visited the Microsoft Campus in Seattle and gave a talk about his project, and explained more of the background to supporting different learning...
  • Blog Post: Learning about Learning Styles

    A few years ago, you couldn’t go to an education conference without hearing all about learning styles (Auditory, Visual, Tactual, Kinesthetic & Verbal). Now it’s as though it never happened – conferences are all talking about personalisation, policy and practitioners. Even though it’s no longer trendy...
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