We’d be delighted if you could join The Microsoft UK Financial Services Team for our first “Microsoft Working Lunch” Virtual Meeting on 10th December 2012.  This will start us off on a journey of regular virtual meetings with those having an interest in Microsoft across the UK Financial Services and Insurance Community.  This will become a regular bite sized update for this community on Microsoft news and views; all things you need to know about where we're going and what we're offering, plus events, announcements, solutions and opportunities in a single helping, which you can enjoy whilst you grab a sandwich!

This month the agenda is as follows:

  • What's new from Microsoft this month
  • The things we're doing that you really need to know about
  • Tablet envy - A quick spin through some of the latest and coolest Windows 8 devices
  • News from our FSI partners and ISVs
  • A chat with our Windows Azure (cloud) evangelists working in the UK Financial Services Industry about the opportunities for our customers

If you like to join us for this please let me know here and I'll send you joining details.