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  • Microsoft UK Government Blog

    Office 2007 - Free online training courses

    Get up to speed with Microsoft Word and the Office 2007 System When you first open Word 2007, it looks very different to what you may have become used to, because it has been designed to make your life a whole lot easier. So here's a training course...
  • Microsoft UK Government Blog

    IT is good news for Spelthorne

    I'm a regular watcher of the LocalGovTV web channel and I thought their latest video about Spelthorne's outsourcing partnership with Steria was really interesting. They seem to have a very positive relationship between them and they're introducing some...
  • Microsoft UK Government Blog

    Shift Happens

    My colleague Ray Fleming has posted about the Shift Happens powerpoint presentation which has been creating a lot of interest over the last few months. I think the messages it delivers are also very thought-provoking for anyone with an interest in...
  • Microsoft UK Government Blog

    The Microsoft Shared Learning Group for Local Government

    About two years Microsoft helped to set up the Shared Learning Group (SLG) with 10 UK councils who were interested in working with us to identify how they could get the most out of their strategic investment in Microsoft technologies. A key aspect of...
  • Microsoft UK Government Blog

    June 27th - Quite a Day

    We couldn't have known that June 27th would turn out to be such an amazing day for us to have chosen to host a Parliamentary Reception at the House of Commons and we did wonder what the impact would be on it when Tony Blair announced that was going to...
  • Microsoft UK Government Blog

    An Introduction

    This blog will try to provide news and commentary on topics that we at Microsoft think might be of interest to people working in UK Government who have some sort of interest in IT and how it can be used to hopefully improve the way that government works...
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