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Flexible & Mobile Working Benefits Guide

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Flexible & Mobile Working Benefits Guide

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There's a big interest within Government around the potential to have many more of their employees working in a more flexible and mobile way.  This can offer a number of benefits including reducing unnecessary trips into the office just to pick up paperwork, improving staff safety through automated alerts and reducing back office administration requirements. Of course this is a big change in working style and culture so it has to be handled very carefully.

One of the projects that we did with the Shared Learning Group over the last few months was around Flexible and Mobile Working. We did 3 proof of concept projects and we have videos which explain each one.  I think the most interesting learning from these was that when the staff were involved in the design of these projects they were very positive and very enthusiastic.

We also dveeloped a Flexible Wokring Benefits Guide which captured the key areas that government organisations can look at to help them develop their business case for introducing these new ways of working.  If you'd like a copy then please email me ellen.pirie@microsoft.com

 Although this was all developed within Local Government we have found that various goverment organisations have also found this information interesting and useful.

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