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  • Blog Post: How digital democracy – and the digital divide – could shape the future of UK politics

    Technology has the potential to transform parliamentary democracy in the UK. But what will that transformation look like? To find out, Microsoft partnered with Model Westminster and the Parliamentary Outreach Service on an event introducing young people to the policy making process. It was an amazing...
  • Blog Post: Get Online @ Home offers free PCs with 12-month broadband signup to combat the digital divide

    It’s not hard to see how the digital divide is hampering the UK’s economic growth and making it harder for local governments to provide services at a lower cost online. Did you know? 6.4 million Brits do not use the internet. 9.5 million Brits lack basic online skills. 500,000...
  • Blog Post: Free eBook: “Bringing UK government into the cloud”

    Maybe you’re convinced that cloud tools are the future. Or maybe you’re not so sure. Whether you’re cloud sceptic or a cloud evangelist, it’s hard to get away from the topic these days. Trouble is, most of the information out there is written for IT pros who eat, sleep and...
  • Blog Post: Public Sector Windows 8 Apps eBook

    Over the past few weeks we have been compiling eight great public sector apps which can be found in the Windows 8/Windows Phone app store . The result is this handy guide which features details about each app, screenshots and information about our involved Partners. Featured in the Windows 8 app eBook...
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