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  • Blog Post: The Times, They Are A-Changin’ – the organisational love/hate relationship with social media

    Recently I watched a video of O2’s Ronan Dunne talking about how he, as a CEO, joined Twitter and why it’s now so important to his company’s relationship with customers. It raises some interesting questions around when and where it’s appropriate to use social media in an organisation...
  • Blog Post: Building a platform for the future

    Kenny Blair works in Microsoft's platform modernisation team across Europe. In this short video he explains what his team does and how it can help you move legacy systems onto modern, standardised platforms and the significant benefits this can deliver. He gives tips on compiling key elements for a business...
  • Blog Post: What G-Cloud and the CloudStore means for the public sector

    Why does the public sector need cloud? What is the CloudStore and is the cloud one way to overcome the age of austerity? Two of our Microsoft cloud experts help answer those questions and more in our double cloud whammy with Daniel Batts, head of business development for the public sector and Mark Ferrar...
  • Blog Post: A bright future for cities? Thoughts from the “Future of Cities” forum

    With more than 50% of the world’s population already living in cities, and projections that this number will grow to 70% plus by 2050, the accelerating trend of urbanisation raises many challenges and demands for governments. From September 20-21, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, under the auspices of...
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