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  • Blog Post: Microsoft CityNext: How Nottinghamshire County Council is saving money on the go

    When someone says the phrase “flexible working” to you, what image comes to mind? Is it a lazy worker, half-heartedly answering e-mails in their pyjamas with the telly on in the background? Do you think of flexible working as a perk? Or as a productivity drain? If so, you’re in for...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft CityNext: How technology is transforming Cambridgeshire Police

    When people talk about the pressures facing government offices, they often focus on a tiny piece of the puzzle: trimming this year’s budget, adopting this year’s new technology or meeting the citizen needs in the near term. The trouble with that approach is it ignores all those factors are...
  • Blog Post: Public Sector Windows 8 Apps eBook

    Over the past few weeks we have been compiling eight great public sector apps which can be found in the Windows 8/Windows Phone app store . The result is this handy guide which features details about each app, screenshots and information about our involved Partners. Featured in the Windows 8 app eBook...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 8 is here and ready for business!

    In the past week or so, it seems we at Microsoft have had more launches than NASA. The latest tasty offering is Windows Phone 8! Windows Phone puts the office in the hands of the business user. It makes mobile working even more seamless, collaborative and secure, and gets employees up and running...
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