Firstly I would like to welcome the UK GP community to the new Dynamics blogs put together by the UK PTS team. Hopefully this will become a great resource for all things Dynamics across all products.


I thought I would introduce myself first as I have only recently joined Microsoft. My name is Tom Brookes and I have come from the partner channel as a consultant implementing both GP and CRM. I have worked at a number of the partners so have experienced the GP world from the other side of the fence so to speak. You no doubt will all get to know me much better in the future.


Within the PTS team we decied to start this blog to enable the partner channel to have a central resource for all things Dynamics, and there will be useful stuff on all the blogs featured. So what will feature on this blog? Well part of my job is partner readiness, which means I spend a lot of time with partners in the UK to help them sell and implement successful projects. I get a lot of questions surrounding the functionality of GP and third party add ons so this blog will provide answers to these questions as and when they arise.


So keep reading on I'll post whatever useful snippets of information I get or that I come across from the wider GP commmunity.


Tom Brookes