Hopefully you will all now have seen that we are going on tour. We are not going to be playing at the venues we all dreamed about (Wembley stadium - the old one, Murrayfield, Old Trafford or even the finest stadium in the country Adams Park) but we will be at these coming to a venue near you to talk about Dynamics GP, product and technology developments and also hosting round table discussions so we can get some direct feedback from you, our partners.

These are really valuable sessions for both of us as you can directly influence the way we are taking Dynamics GP to market. We do take all comments seriously and you will get feedback on anything that you raise. Following these I'll be running monthly live meetings, and I'm looking to you lot out there to tell me about what content you would like to see in these as they are for your benefit. There are a number of things that I want to cover off anyway in these sessions but we can dicsuss them further at the roadshows so bring your thinking caps!!