As we all know Business Portal is one of the great GP modules - it's great to demo, it's easy to sell the benefits to prospects and customers, and it's inexpensive! Also those of us who have played around with and delivered SRS reports know how these can deliver fantastic information in variety formats.

Well wouldn't it be good if we integrated the two so we can use show Business Portal and SRS reports in the same portal...funnily enough I have found a white paper descibing this:

Business Portal and Reporting Services

You can build really slick, cool demos using this in order to show the GP reporting capabilities to it's best ability and can begin to highlight the BI options available to your customers and prospects. Not only this but it can provide a great opportunity to increase the total value of your deals and increase your services revenue as you can build role specific portal views for your customers and verticals.

Posted by Tom Brookes