Did any of you try to drive down the M4 last night? I say "drive" in the loosest sence of the word as if you did you may have experinced the carpark as I did. I did manage to go 1 mile in about an hour and half which was not exactly face paced but it gave me time to contemplate what could have been if I'd check the travel news before I left the office.

It did give me the opportunity to begin to rebuild my laptop from the personal IT disasters I have had this week (I managed to forget my Administrator password - not adviseable but it does happen to us all!). In the process of this I also began discovering some new feature of Windows as I had time to look at the "What's New in Windows Vista". One of my favourites is the new searching and organising features. Windows now filters the view based in what's being typed when you start typing looking for words in a filename, tags who have applied to the file or other file properties. It's a really great  feature that makes finding information that much easier...not that any of us loose anything....

So my tip of the week is to always check the travel news and take a half working laptop with you if you have time to kill.

Posted by Tom Brookes