Following feedback from partners, in the past it has been difficult to build effective demos for prospects using the GP VPC as it contains all the modules and can look a bit busy. To help this we have now created a free utlility that allows specific modules to be activated / deactivated when needed. 


It will also benefit customers that may automatically receive modules through Microsoft Dynamics Business Ready Licensing or purchase modules they may not be ready to implement immediately so not confusing users too much. The Module Deactivation Window will allow customers to now have the ability to unregister modules they do not plan on implementing immediately.  However, customers will have the flexibility to be able to reregister functionality in a system-wide window when they are ready to implement. 


The Module Deactivation window is available from the following locations:
Customer Source Download

Partner Source Download


Documentation files, available as a part of the download, can be printed and used for reference. 


Posted by Tom Brookes