I've recently been getting a number of queries about the GP Analysis Cubes and how we can modify the existing cubes. The cubes are password protected and we don’t provide the passwords to the DTS Packages or the SSIS Packages (on SQL 2005) because modifying these would compromise any chances at upgrading the GP Analysis Cubes to future releases.


Not having the password, however, does not limit your ability to extend the cubes that we provide, including the addition of new dimensions. The DTS/SSIS packages that we provide simply pull the data from the GP company database(s) into the Data Warehouse (DW) relational database first. Then, the DW database is used as the data source for the Cubes. You should be able to create any number of additional DTS/SSIS packages to pull from any other data source and bring it into the DW database, so long as the DTS/SSIS package honors the schema of the destination DW and doesn’t mess with any of its existing data that our DTS/SSIS packages populate. The dimensions are defined in the cubes, not in the DW or DTS/SSIS packages.


Please send me an email if you have any specific queries on this.


Posted by Tom Brookes