I've often been asked questions on how GP handles compliance and Sarbannes Oxley requirements. We've got a couple of modules called Audit Trails and Electronic Signatures which handle these very well. Both of these have had a number of new features released as part of GP 9.0 Service Pack 2 which include features like:

Audit Trails:

  • Ability to place an auditmon security tables
  • Added abilbity to choose specific fields within a table to audit
  • Ability to set a condition that has to be fulfilled in order to audit an action
  • Added differentiation between insert/add and update/delete

Electronic Signatures

  • Remote sign off

We've also written a couple of white papers on this subject that explain compliance futher and highlight how using Microoft Dynamics you can meet these requirements.

Compliance Strategy White Paper

Helping Achieving Compliance Objectives with Microsoft Dynamics GP

Posted by Tom Brookes