As you all should know, version 10 is just around the corner for us all. Whenever you have a spare moment I'd really advise having a look at the material that has already been posted on ParterSource as there is tons out there. The enhancement brochure has been published and is well worth a read as it technical look at the new version which as many of us know its what version 10 is all about.

Email me if you have questions about V10 or even better sign up for the launch event on the 19th April (see my previous post for the link) where you can ask Eric or in person about it.

We're also releasing some HR enhancements at the end of April which will be available for V9 as well as new V10 customers.

 Advanced Human Resources provides additional tracking and reporting capabilities for Human Resources in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Advanced Human Resources should be positioned for:

Microsoft Dynamics GP customers with the following needs:

  • Organisations that track employee certifications, licenses, and training data
  • Organisations that need to track data related to employee health and wellness
  • Organisations that need to create future effective dates for benefits and deductions

Benefit Self Service and HRM Self Service Suite provide employees with online access to benefit information and the open enrollment process. Benefit Self Service should be positioned for Microsoft Dynamics GP customers who want to deploy online benefit enrollments to employees and conduct open enrollment through Business Portal.

Posted by Tom Brookes