Anyone who knows me in the channel will know that one of my favourite phrases is "It's on PartnerSource" due to the wealth of information that is contained here. But as many people have said to me..."I can't find it!"..when they are looking for info.

To help we've pulled together an article on Knowledge Base Search Tips: Smarter Searching Equals Better Results that contains helpful hints and tips that will help you find the information you need quicker. I've summarised some of the high level points below.

  • Add Clarity: If you have a specific error message or problem, then make a specific inquiry. Typing your error message plus the module name will narrow your search and save you needless time spent searching through countless results.
  • Use Quotation Marks: By enclosing a phrase in quotation marks, only the entries that contain those exact words in that order will appear.
  • Use the Default with Discretion: The default setting for ‘Using’ is set to ‘Any of the words entered’ which means any Knowledge Base entries that contain any of the words you typed in will be included in the results list. That means if you do a search for ‘General Ledger’ – any entry that contains the word ‘general’ qualifies for your search.
  • Spell Out Words: The Knowledge Base search engine doesn’t always recognize acronyms like GL or POP. To be safe, write out every word.
  • Be Unique: Don’t settle for a few vague words that are nearly applicable to every category. With thousands of documents contained in the search engine, be choosy with your words.
  • Be Patient: Searching may require adding or removing a couple words. But spending a few minutes to get the right phrase is ten times better than spending an hour sifting through 100 results for the answer you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to play around with your wording a bit.
  • Double-check Spelling: Mistakes happen. Don’t be afraid to review your entry to make sure you didn’t fumble over your typing in a couple spots. Misspellings and errors slip by the best of us – a second glance never hurt anyone.
  • Use the Feedback Tool Wisely: The feedback tool located in the lower right corner of the Knowledge Base page is used to rate the search engine, comment on your search experience, or offer suggestions for improvement. It isn’t designed to serve as an individual support mechanism for garnering answers to your specific errors or issues. End of the Line - If all else fails, submit a new support request, or contact support and use one of your support incidents. Don’t wait until you turn blue in the face if you can’t find your answer through Knowledge Base.

Posted by Tom Brookes