As we all know environment accounting  is one of the current hot topics globally. One of my vast network of contacts recently pointed me in the direction of this document on PartnerSource on Environmental Management Accounting Implementation Guidance for GP.  It contains suggestions to help your company get started in using Dynamics GP to enable you to practise environmental management accounting.

There are a number of suggestions covering:

  • Modify the chart of accounts
  • Use Extender to track environment-related information
  • The purchase costs of regulated raw materials
  • Vendor costs for management/disposal of regulated wastes
  • Track packaging materials and costs in the bill of materials
  • Track water, fuel and electricity usage in the bill of materials
  • Track waste outputs in the bill of materials
  • Track environmental activities and costs via the project accounting module
  • Improve allocation of environment-related costs
  • Reporting

And my favourite is the use of Extender (as it’s also one of my favourite modules!) due to the flexibility it offers you can track what you want against whatever transaction you want.

If you don’t know about Extender yet and its capabilities then have a look as its a fabulous tool.

Here are a couple of links to get you started!

Posted by Tom Brookes