I was looking through PartnerSource recently and came across a new white paper on benchmarking Dynamics GP on SQL Server 2008. We added this compatibility into the product back when we launched the feature pack and often I get customers asking me about why they should go to SQL 2008.

The performance testing highlighted that Dynamics GP 10.0 showed an impressive 18% increase in performance through upgrading from SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition to SQL Server 2008 Enterprise edition when using Row Compression on select tables. 

Without Compression enabled, SQL Server 2008 still showed a 9% gain in performance when compared with SQL Server 2005.

An additional benefit demonstrated by the benchmark performance tests was how enabling Compression in SQL Server 2008 also reduced the disk drive space requirements of the Microsoft Dynamics GP company database, by as much as 52% in one benchmark test scenario.

It is interesting reading especially for those who are considering upgrading hardware and software.

Posted by Tom Brookes