You may recall that the criteria for students purchasing the Ultimate Steal promotion was that they should have a email address, and a 1/2 course load. Although that made a lot of sense in some countries, in the UK we have a more complex model of Higher Education than some, so we've worked on a new definition, which encompasses everybody that we think should be eligible.

In a nutshell, if you're a Higher Education student, and enrolled in an undergraduate and postgraduate level course, then you're in!

This means that if you're doing a distance learning course with a UK university, or a part time MBA, and your university gives you an email address, then you can order Office Ultimate 2007 at £38.95. This definition therefore includes many of the 200,000 students of the Open University, as well as some of the other queries around grey areas we have received.

The specific criteria, now on the website is: