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February, 2009

  • The UK Higher Education Blog

    OfficeRocker is back


    Darren Strange’s last post was July 2008 when he was comparing PCs to fishbowls and CD players (read it and you’ll see).  After too long, he’s back

    He’s not announcing his comeback with this post about How to stop blogging and how to start again.  He’s quickly followed this up with a great piece on Office Communication Server 2007 which, incidentally, has now been updated to Release 2.  I can’t stop there with OCS R2 without pointing you to this site which was used for our launch yesterday  Not only is it a fabulous showcase for OCS R2 and our partner capability but it really shows Silverlight off too.

  • The UK Higher Education Blog

    Microsoft’s live@edu programme gets even better


    The news in my inbox this morning, and to all live@edu customers, is that live@edu support is getting even better.  As universities have been evaluating student email options, many often cite Microsoft’s support as a key reason for adopting live@edu and deploying it to students.  Understandable really, if this service is going to be the main communication method with students then you need to know where to go for help.  Microsoft recognises this so has just informed live@edu customers of this:


    We are happy to inform you of exciting changes in Customer Support now available for the Microsoft Live@edu program.

    Highlights of the changes include:

    · Support now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via phone or web

    Phone Support: (800) 455-6399 or (425) 703-3305

    Web Support:

    · Simplified web interface now available for submission of support requests via the web (Access IDs are no longer required)

    Details are provided in the Live@edu Support Guide attached to this mail.

    Thank you again for choosing Microsoft Live@edu!

    The Microsoft Live@edu Team


    If you’d like to see more information then I’ve posted the attached document on my Skydrive email . Did I ever mention that Skydrive, also included in live@edu, is now:


    Not only would that be a very impressive memory stick but it will never fall out of your pocket or get left in a library PC by mistake because it’s in the cloud.  This means that every live@edu user has 25GB of storage in the cloud as well as 10GB email, massive document storage and collaboration capacity at Officelive workspace and another 5GB with Mesh.


  • The UK Higher Education Blog

    There are so many reasons to deploy a unified communications solution


    To be more precise, because this is a Microsoft blog, there are so many reasons to deploy Microsoft’s Office Communication Server 2007 (OCS).  Every day since I first became a member of Microsoft’s dogfood deployment of OCS I’ve been amazed at just how powerful it is and how much better I’m able to communicate and collaborate because of it.  With the weather as it is, and this is what it looked like outside my window at this morning

    Monday morning in Sheffield , then it really does come into its own.  I’ve had several planned meetings that are now converted to virtual meetings because of the snow.  Previous to OCS they would have just been abandoned but now, thanks to OCS we can generally carry on with a focused discussion and business doesn’t stop.

    Here’s an example of an OCS live meeting we had the other day:

    live meeting

    This was with Coventry University, Julian Datta and me.  Coventry University were up in Coventry using one of their Microsoft Roundtable devices, Julian was in the office in Reading and I was at home in Sheffield.  We had a productive meeting without any of us having to travel and yet each of us could collaborate and communicate fully.

    It’s a fact that the deployment of OCS is making me more productive, gives me more time with customers and partners, saves travel expense and time and keeps my CO2 emissions down.  Is there a university that doesn’t want better resource utilisation, more time between students and teaching staff, reduced costs and a reduced environmental footprint?  Well, it seems that plenty of universities are now deploying OCS but more of that later.

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