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  • Blog Post: How Microsoft uses the Windows Server 2008 R2 features to enhance our own security

    The Microsoft IT team publish case studies of how we've used our own products within our own infrastructure - sharing their real-life experiences. This month there's a case study about the way that we've implemented the security features in Windows Server 2008 R2, along with Windows 7 on the desktop...
  • Blog Post: Understanding how Windows 7 improves secure remote access for staff

    With all of the changes in the way that ICT is being used in learning, there’s an increasing demand for staff to have remote access to university systems, from home or other times when they are away from your campus. Sometimes it can be enough to provide access to limited parts of your system, but it...
  • Blog Post: Using Windows 7 DirectAccess to connect staff to your university network securely

    Ever since Windows 7 was launched, I’ve had a steady stream of people asking me if I know of educational establishments who have implemented DirectAccess . DirectAccess allows you to setup your staff laptops so that they can always have secure access to your university network wherever they are, but...
  • Blog Post: Infrastructure Planning and Design Guide for Direct Access

    The TechNet site has a growing series of Infrastructure Planning and Design Guides for all kinds of areas – virtualisation, Windows Server 2008, SQL Server, Online Services and the Optimised Desktop. The one that jumped out as me was the IPD Guide for DirectAccess in Windows 7. This is especially useful...
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