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  • Blog Post: Evidence that students do better with a PC at home

    ALL teachers, ALL schools and any parents can use the Get Online @ Home offer so EVERY student can have a PC at home and do better in school and in life! So here’s the evidence that students do better if they have a PC at home: •The final evaluation of the Government’s “Home Access” programme showed...
  • Blog Post: The cheapest PC money can buy

    As featured in last Sunday’s Mr Money feature in The Sun, we are also reminding you that those on benefits can get a PC for £49 or a laptop for £119 with Get Online @ Home. This includes Windows 7 and other Microsoft software. Those not on support can get them for £99 or £149. The deal includes web access...
  • Blog Post: Get Online @Home – the cheapest PC and broadband package ever

    Originally posted on the Teachers Blog From today, Wednesday 25th April, Get Online @ Home will be teaming up with TalkTalk and SimplifyDigital to offer its best value PC, broadband and phone bundle ever . So what is the offer? For a limited time only, anyone can buy -a reconditioned Windows 7 PC with...
  • Blog Post: Why schools should get behind GetOnline@Home, by Microsoft's Clare Riley

    Originally posted on   One of the wonderful things about working for Microsoft is that innovative ideas bubble up every day. Even if they appear to undercut our core business, if they are good ideas they will take root. That’s what has happened with – a website...
  • Blog Post: Spread the word about Windows 7 Computers from just £95!

    There are 9 million citizens in the UK who do not have regular access to a PC and are not enjoying the benefits of the internet. For many of your customers, and in many of the communities you support, the last significant barrier to getting people connected is the cost of a PC at home.  BBC research...
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