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  • Blog Post: Windows Live@edu on the go

    I'm a fully mobile worker or road warrior as we used to be called.  This means that I need information with me all the time, or at least I seem to anyway.  My preferred platform is my laptop which goes with me just about everywhere but increasingly I find i can do more and more with my Windows...
  • Blog Post: IT Forum: Live @ Edu

    This afternoon at IT Forum, we ran two specific sessions for UK education customers. Brad Tipp, from our worldwide Education team kicked off talking about the Live @ Edu service - something that is currently going through a metamorphosis. What started as an email service for students (similar to Hotmail...
  • Blog Post: What do you do when you have to tell all your students your campus is closed?

    Okay, this doesn't happen every day (thank goodness), but let's suppose that you've got an important message, for all of your students, and which is time critical. It may represent part of your contingency planning, or it may be that there are certain key notices which you really want to reach all students...
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