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  • Blog Post: Exciting New Challenges for University College Falmouth

    Case study provided by Crimson University College Falmouth is embarking on an ambitious implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 2011, starting with core business to business processes and marketing activities and eventually providing an holistic approach to the overall requirements of the institution. The...
  • Blog Post: Cloud for education: Windows Azure and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    To follow on from our recent post Cloud for education: Live@edu and Office 365 for education , the next post in this series includes a summary of Windows Azure and Microsoft Dynamic CRM.  Originally posted by Ray Fleming Microsoft Online Services and Education We’ve made a public big shift in our...
  • Blog Post: Collabco implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution at the University of Bolton to improve contact management and marketing campaigns

    The University of Bolton has been providing companies with help and support for more than 50 years. In 2007 the Business Support and Development Unit (BSDU) was formed offering a unique brand of bespoke programmes for companies. The University is unrelenting in its desire to stay abreast of commercial...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 4.0 launch

    I've noticed how the use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems have been growing rapidly in education. I have traditionally thought about "students" rather than "customers", but student expectations have been rising so rapidly, since the introduction of tuition fees, that there is a growing...
  • Blog Post: CRM Systems in the FE & HE sectors

    A perennial issue for colleges and universities is attracting, and retaining, students. There is a trend for students to act like consumers, and be more demanding of institutions, and more critical of services that they receive. And let's face it, that trend is only going to grow! Perhaps that's just...
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