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  • Blog Post: More Moodle advice – The Moodle on SharePoint white paper

    The team over at the Microsoft Education Labs have been busy over the last few weeks. If you’re new to it, Education Labs was created by the Microsoft Education Products Group to build and release new product prototypes and useful add-ons, specifically for education use. Following on from the Office...
  • Blog Post: Integrating Moodle with Microsoft Live services

    Who’d have thought it, not only would I be looking for the Moodle logo for the blog, but other strange things have been happening this week: We’ve released two projects under the open source GPL v2 licence for the first time ever Following on from the experimental OfficeLabs project, we’ve launched Education...
  • Blog Post: Moodle on Windows Server 2008?

    I'm over in the US this week, with a number of our educational IT partners, and have heard about some of the things happening here that may be of interest to UK universities. One of them, {Open Source} Heroes Happen Here , is for those who are using or developing Open Source applications which also link...
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