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  • Blog Post: Wii Presenter

    All over the UK this week tens of thousands of new students will be arriving into lecture theatres full of expectation and a desire to learn.  The vast majority of these students will have had more exposure to technology than any previous intake and, frankly, it's going to be difficult to impress...
  • Blog Post: Back to school - maybe it's time to take a fresh look at Powerpoint with pptPlex

    I've been playing around with a new Office add-in for several months now.  pptPlex introduces a fresh look at how Powerpoint can be used for presentations and teaching.  Have you ever been frustrated with the typical linear format of a powerpoint presentation?  Would it be useful to think...
  • Blog Post: Getting students and staff started with Office 2007 - some handy help

    Even amongst those universities who are moving to Office 2007 this summer, one common fear is whether students/staff will be able to quickly transition to the new Fluent interface in Office 2007 . If you want more help, then I've just come across these brilliant add-ins for Office 2007. Basically, it...
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