Our UK ISV  team are proud to announce new dates for series of technical briefings “Fasttrack – The Magic of Software”, for ISVs, focusing on the latest and most exciting software coming out of Microsoft, and explore how the Microsoft platform could be used in their own applications.

These briefings run monthly, and the content will change and evolve over the year to reflect both emerging software and technology trends, as well as input from both ISVs and the ISV team. The briefings will include some (or more) of the following technologies :

· Windows Azure and utility cloud computing

· Business Intelligence and data mining and how to get the most out of your data with SQL Server

· Examining the trade-offs for WPF and Silverlight and ASP.NET in designing UIs

· How mobile solutions can extend the reach of your solutions

· What the next version of the .NET framework and Visual Studio have in store

The day will consist of lots of demos and lively discussion, with the aim of exploring how these technologies at a high level (no session will be more than 30 mins, and there will be no code walkthroughs), and the briefing will focus on how they can be used with ISVs own applications. The sessions audience size will be small, typically less than 30, to keep the flow of conversation going. These sessions are suitable for Technical Decision Makers, Application Architects, and Senior Developers within ISVs.

Click here to book for 30 January 2009, London

Click here to book for 16 February 2009, Reading