With the recent release to manufacture (RTM) of Window 7 and it’s the expected high take-up following a number of excellent reviews by IT columnists, commentators and bloggers, and with Windows XP no longer benefiting from free support as it enters its extended support phase, now is the time to make sure your applications are ready for Microsoft’s latest version of Windows.

The Microsoft UK DPE ISV Team are running a number of it’s very successful Application Compatibility briefings and remediation labs, where we have a very high success rate of taking applications that don’t work on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and making them compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7. At our lab in May we found problems with most of the applications that we tested, and by the completion of the lab most applications worked with Windows 7 or it had been identified what needed to be done in order to make those applications compatible. All of these events are free of charge.

To make the best use of your time and allow you to choose when to attend, we have broken-up these events into 1-day briefings that cover the changes that are most likely to cause compatibility issues and how to correct them, plus separate 2-day remediation labs where you may bring in your applications for testing.

1-Day briefings
During this 1 day briefing we will cover the major changes that may cause an application to be incompatible with Windows 7, including:
  • User Account Control (UAC)
  • New folder locations and directory virtualization
  • Windows Resource Protection
  • Mandatory Integrity Control
  • User Interface Privilege Isolation
  • Session 0 Isolation
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Windows 7 Software Logo Program

The training will begin promptly at 10:00am and registration will be available from 9:30am onwards.

These briefings have now finished but the slides used can be found here.


2-Day remediation labs

During these 2 days you may test, debug, and fix any application compatibility issues you may have with the assistance of Microsoft Application Compatibility experts. We will provide Windows 7 PC’s with SQL Server, Visual Studio, and a number of application compatibility debugging tools. We can also provide most other Microsoft software that you may need – please ask before attending.

We can identify and fix most applications within 2 days, but if you have a particularly complex application, or you think that you will require more than 2 days then please let us know and we will make the lab available to you for 4 days if places are available.

All client applications are welcome, whether they are written in .NET, C++, VB6, etc. Please bring with you an installable version of your application(s) and the symbols (PDBs) if possible.

These labs have now finished.